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Frios Gourmet Pops!

The story below was posted on Linkedin by Cliff Kennedy, owner of Frios Gourmet Pops. Great story!

I received a text with a picture of a kidís school report, and they chose to write about Frios. I asked when the report was due, and it was being turned in a couple hours after I received the picture.

Put the wheels in motion to get this girl extra credit. Had our ...

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What is the first step to franchising?

The first step to franchising is to partner with a certified franchise consultant (CFC.) As a CFC, I will be an invaluable guide to you as you research the details of franchising. I will not only help you discover what type of business model you may want to pursue but will also help you find the perfect franchise that is the right fit.

Understanding the financial, legal, and operational aspects is essential before choosing a franchise to invest in. Once you clearly understand a ...

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Simple Business - keep 100% of the profits!

So, what do you think about vending machines? 

They are the ultimate in convenience, giving people what they want, when they want it. Maybe you used one. Maybe you walked past one. Maybe one saved your life because you hadn't eaten all day. Maybe you walked away because you hated the selection.

But someone owns that machine and probably many more like it - and is making a great living working just a fraction of ...

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Don't do it alone!

Hundreds of people choose every day to invest in their future and their dreams of becoming their own boss through the franchise ownership option.

Although entrepreneurship isn't for everyone, investing in a franchise is a lot easier than starting a business alone. When you invest in a franchise, you are investing in the concept, materials, plans, systems, brand name and so much more - already in place for you!

As a certified franchise consultant (CFC) Ė I am trained to help you ...

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What does your fortune cookie say?

From my client, at the airport on the way home from Footprints Floors discovery day: "Talk about a good fortune cookie LOL... Everyone was Impressed and we are good to go... at the airport ...

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Often, as a certified franchise consultant (CFC) I hear words like "glamorous" or "sexy" in terms of the type of franchise one may want to own. Let's face it, being an entrepreneur is something to be proud of!

Unfortunately, the vast majority of everyday people only know of a handful of franchise options and, sadly, they may not be too glamorous or sexy. However, my expertise as a CFC is in showing everyday people how to take their investment capital and put it into a real ...

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Is it true?

Franchises are expensive. Franchises are just for fast food and retail. Franchise owners aren't really business owners. You can't be creative if you own a franchise. Anyone can buy a franchise if they have the money to invest.

Are these statements true, or myths? It is so important while on your search for a franchise that you take the time to debunk the myths and keep an open mind while evaluating opportunities. But how do you go about uncovering the actual truths? This is ...

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Are you creative?

There are many types of writers and many genres - fiction, nonfiction, biographical, educational, technical, etc. However, one of the most difficult genres of writing is science fiction since the writer must write about things that don't exist. They must have the vision to create worlds and devices - and even beings - that only the author can see in his/her mind. This requires a great deal of creativity, and to be a successful science-fiction writer also requires creativity ...

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Why work with me?

Are you ready to take control of your life, career and financial future? As a successful business owner and former franchisee myself, I know first-hand the incredible rewards that come with investing in a franchise. Not only has it allowed me to take the time off to do the things I love, but it has also allowed my family to enjoy the life we have all dreamed of.

I am passionate about helping other people achieve their same success. Thatís why, as a certified franchise ...

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Navigating the Franchise Landscape

With so many franchise options - from absentee, semi-absentee, home-based, brick-and-mortar, employees, no employees, and more, as a certified franchise consultant (CFC) I help people navigate their way through the journey of business ownership through franchising. My services as a CFC are free (I am paid a fee from the franchisor), and I help you avoid mistakes that could have lifelong consequences.

As a CFC I am the compass that helps you stay ahead of the curve when considering ...

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